4 Key Takeaways from Cerner Health Conference 2019



Jeff Maris, Pivot Point Consulting’s leader of the Cerner Strategic Implementation and Partnerships team and resident Cerner expert, was right at home in Kansas City last week for the Cerner Health Conference. Check out Jeff’s 4 key takeaways from the conference:

The keynote with Cerner CEO, Brent Shafer, was all about the power of the partnership between Cerner and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Brent made it very clear that because of Cerner’s strength in the Acute Care and Ambulatory Patient data market, combining the power of AWS analytics and cloud capabilities can help both companies conform to the “Next”. Presenting with Cerner was Matt Wood, AWS Artificial Intelligence Executive Sponsor, who outlined the incredibly intuitive consumer data capabilities leveraged today.

This year Cerner expanded this area, opening all day sessions for clients and partners interested in utilizing development tools like Smart on FHIR to enhance the Cerner Millennium Suite of Products. Organizations want to become smarter with their data, while maximizing interoperability. The code learning services sessions were a great opportunity for Cerner clients to leverage the interoperability capabilities available to them. The code learning services team also had a large presence in the solution gallery this year.

The cloud is clearly the future for Cerner. With Cerner expanding its product capabilities and partnering with AWS to help port more products into the cloud, organizations will need to prepare for the future considerations of configuring and optimizing such projects.

A definitive buzz on the solution gallery floor this year revolved around healthcare security. Multiple Cerner partners were present demonstrating not only the importance of IOT, but also the importance of IOMT. As many organizations have leveraged the efficiencies of Cerner’s CareAware Medical Device Connectivity platform, the important rise of medical device security has come to light. Ensuring the security of medical devices will be a focus for organizations in 2020.

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