Minimize cyber disruption and damage to your IT and business operations.

Given the rapid pace of technological change, broadening regulatory standards, the increase in Internet of Things (IoT) and sophistication of threats, the constantly evolving cyber risks in healthcare can be overwhelming — especially if you don’t have the skills or bandwidth to oversee your entire cybersecurity operations.

Pivot Point can help.

We help you navigate the complexities of cybersecurity and risk management. You can rely on us to be your partner every step of the way helping you reduce the risk of ransomeware attacks, protect your EHR systems and secure your connected medical devices.

Trusted partners for immediate support or strategy.

From consulting and implementation to managed services and project resourcing, we safeguard your assets by identifying risks, developing cybersecurity programs and implementing solutions that support your business goals. Our comprehensive approach provides the right blend of expertise and experience to successfully deliver, execute and manage your cybersecurity needs.


Get end-to-end security integration for your software, applications and development. Our team of advisors, engineers, architects, developers and analysts integrates security throughout the life cycle of your business applications to improve vulnerability management and prevent cyber-attacks.

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Static and Dynamic Code Analysis &
  • Review (SAST / DAST)
  • Database Security
  • DevOps / Open Source Security


Protect your most sensitive credentials. We help select, shape and deliver your IAM strategy to reduce identity management costs and give you more agility in supporting new business initiatives.

  • Identity Governance Solutions (IGA)
  • Identity Innovation
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Security Administration (IAM)
  • Authentication Services


Build, run and maintain security systems. We help you prepare for and protect your organization from cyber-attacks and implement strategies that allow you to recover quickly and oftentimes keep systems running, even during a data breach or cyber-attack.

  • Perimeter Defense
  • Network Security
  • Monitor, Detect
  • SIEM & SOAR Deployment & Management
  • Cloud Security Infrastructure


Be prepared for the latest threats. Whether you need help building an incident response plan supported by real time risk intelligence — or immediate incident and response recovery services if you’re under attack — we provide 24 / 7 / 365 assurance that you’re protected.

  • Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT)
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Penetration Testing
  • Red, Blue, Purple Testing
  • Cyber Exercise Planning


Trusted 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring & response. We provide a flexible, scalable solution to suit your specific resourcing needs and risk profile that can be delivered as a package, custom or hybrid solution. 24 / 7 / 365 Monitoring & Response: We continually analyze data, pinpoint trends and detect imminent threats or early stages of an attack. Our proactive approach reduces risk and exposure by ensuring that critical alerts are not overlooked.

  • Infrastructure: We monitor your systems 24 / 7 / 365 — focusing on your higher risk systems and users. Our security analysts detect and respond to threats, recommend remediation procedures and implement tactics to reduce exposure.
  • Data Security: Prevent problems before they occur. We discover and address issues like unpatched software, incomplete antivirus installations and users with poor security habits.
  • Risk and Vulnerability: Build flexible yet resilient systems. We protect against attack vectors that may be introduced due to changes by administrators, connections to business partners and new applications.


Better protect your organization’s brand against threats of all kinds. We’ll tackle the broader issues associated with corporate governance, enterprise risk management and corporate compliance.

Cybersecurity Strategy & Planning: Custom-tailored strategies and compatibly chosen GRC platforms and tools. We arm organizations with appropriate strategies that fit their company size, risk factors, as well as mandatory healthcare regulatory and compliance frameworks.

  • vCISO Services
  • Advisory to Executives & Boards
  • Strategy, Roadmap & Operating Model Development
  • Financial & Business Planning, Metrics & Measurement

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Services: Create a business-aligned strategy that improves your decision making. We help you select, integrate and configure the most compatible GRC platform and tools to efficiently manage risk and controls, while remaining compliant with healthcare regulations. In addition, we offer supporting services, ensuring your GRC tool / platform has been successfully deployed and that your staff has a holistic understanding of its integration.

  • Cyber Policy & Framework Development
  • Strategy, Roadmap & Operation Model Development
  • Continuity and Cyber Resilience
  • Security Awareness, Training & Communications

2020 Best in KLAS

2020 Best in KLAS: Overall IT Services Firm — Pivot Point Consulting, a Vaco company, is recognized for commitment to quality and awarded 2020 #1 Best in KLAS: Overall IT Services Firm.

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