COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Support

Our Solutions:

EHR Configuration

  • Registration / scheduling build 
    • One-time registration codes 
  • Mobile device deployment 
    • Build 
    • Workflow 
    • Devices 
    • Barcodes and QR codes 
  • Billing 
    • RTE workflow 
  • Patient portal build 
  • Patient awareness and communication


  • Mass vaccination service deployment and integration 
  • Federal / State vaccination program coordination, management and reporting 
  • Public health coordination 
  • Patient experience 
    • Unified patient communications 
    • Patient communications 
      • Multiple language / translator services 

Ongoing Support

  • Patient portal support 
  • Patient call center 
  • Patient operations (inbound / outbound scheduling

Pivot Point can help

Healthcare organizations are already stretched thin — financially, operationally and technically. Many organizations have great leaders, but they cannot spare them, and / or they may not have available technical resources needed to implement a vaccination program

Experienced partners can provide the necessary resources to plan and execute vaccination management programs. Pivot Point Consulting is serving as regulatory and strategic advisors, managing program buildsproviding technical and reporting talent and providing call center support, as well as providing support by offloading other projects when key team members are re-focused on COVID-19.



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