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MEDITECH Consulting

Pivot Point’s MEDITECH consulting practice consists of experienced and qualified consultants who understand the complexities and value of building an integrated platform within your Expanse system. Our company’s leaders have hands-on, EHR implementation experience, as well as decades of operational experience. Our consultants have multiple certifications and years of MEDITECH and Expanse expertise which sets them apart from competitors and in line with your needs.


Get more value from MEDITECH consulting, and get it right the first time

Our proven methodologies ensure that assessments and implementations are efficiently managed and provide a consistent approach to planning, organizing and implementing. The strong grasp we have on the ins and outs of MEDITECH for health care organizations allows us to ensure you get the most out of it. From implementing the software into your existing setup to training your staff in its use, there’s no aspect of this system that we don’t know. We can assist and lead in whatever capacity best suits your organization with forward thinking solutions in:


Advisory Services

We architect and deliver strategic solutions.

Implementation Services

We augment and accelerate technology initiatives.

Optimization Services

We help you achieve the highest levels of software performance.

Talent Solutions

We find trusted, qualified resources to complement your team and grow your business.

Managed Services

We free you up from the day to day maintenance of IT and EHR operations so you can focus on strategic initiatives.

Areas of MEDITECH Expertise:

As experts in the MEDITECH EMR system, we have extensive knowledge in the most relevant software modules found on the platform. Whether you need help with web applications, financial modules, clinical applications or anything else within the ecosystem, we have the understanding necessary to show you the way. We can assist and lead in whatever capacity best suits your organization with forward thinking solutions in the following:

  • Product Expertise
  • Magic
  • Client Server
  • 6.x
  • Reporting
  • Security
  • Training
  • Upgrade
  • System Optimization
  • Add-on product implementation
  • Go-Live Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Along with the convenience and data-sharing capabilities that EHRs offer in general, the MEDITECH platform also offers a wide range of benefits for providers of virtually any size. For example, its clinical panels can be customized to give doctors easy access to the patient information they need most in a single screen. This eliminates the need to spend time scrolling through multiple pages to find the relevant details.

Additionally, its HIPAA-compliant charting system puts all the pertinent information front and center. Another key advantage is an expended emphasis on cloud-based solutions that enhance the flexibility of the software and keep implementation costs lower for providers.

Fill out our contact form and one of our helpful representatives will reach out to you. Let us know what you want to accomplish with this software and our experts can guide you through the process of maximizing the value of MEDITECH.

We’re committed to helping health care organizations fully utilize their technology to provide better care. Our strategy and consulting services have helped numerous organizations of all sizes realize the most benefits from their IT. With our extensive expertise in EHR, MEDITECH’s platform presents no challenge to us. You can be sure that our knowledgeable consultants can help you make sense of everything it has to offer.

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