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CPSI® EHR Consulting

CPSI® is one of the leaders in technology solutions that can help modernize hospitals in rural communities. Although CPSI® healthcare software has the power to transform the way these health organizations provide care, it can sometimes be challenging to get the most use out of the software without the right level of expertise.

No matter how full-featured a platform may be, it’s unlikely a hospital will be able to take full advantage of it as it is out of the box. Each facility is different, with a unique set of needs and workflows. Making sure this technology is optimized to fill the gaps within your organization means turning to experts who know it inside and out. This is where Pivot Point Consulting enters the picture.

Whether you are looking to optimize your current CPSI® EHR system or are looking to install new versions, our existing CPSI consulting methodologies can be tailored to support an organized, well-managed approach to planning, implementing and optimizing a successful integrated system. We focus on taking our lessons learned and strategic solutions to advance each and every healthcare organization we work with.

Our comprehensive CPSI® support begins with taking a close look at your requirements. From there, we choose the strategies that should result in the most effective rollout or optimization, depending on where you are in your journey. At Pivot Point Consulting, we can step in at any stage along the way to drive better results for you, your staff and your patients. Our experience with these systems allows us to provide guidance and managed services that can result in higher user engagement, improved workflow and greater success in achieving your business goals.

The emphasis we place on developing strong working relationships with our clients while bringing them real results has made us a valuable partner to countless healthcare organizations. We stand apart from other consulting companies because of our vendor-agnostic approach and deep knowledge in the healthcare IT sector. Our consultants average more than 10 years of experience when it comes to EHR implementation and optimization, giving us a solid base of knowledge that is virtually unmatched anywhere else in the industry. With our help, hospitals even in remote areas can take full advantage of the latest advancements in electronic record-keeping.

Pivot Point can help

Pivot Point Consulting has experience with CPSI® EMR implementation and support. Our CPSI® consulting practice will help you meet your goals of continuity and system quality. We can offer assistance in the following key areas:

Advisory Services

We architect and deliver strategic solutions.

Implementation Services

We augment and accelerate technology initiatives.

Optimization Services

We help you achieve the highest levels of software performance.

Talent Solutions

We find trusted, qualified resources to complement your team and grow your business.

Managed Services

We free you up from the day to day maintenance of IT and EHR operations so you can focus on strategic initiatives.

Experienced resources. Extraordinary results.

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