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Epic® Community Connect Services

Epic Community Connect provides opportunities for healthcare providers to maximize the value of their EHR IT investments. It promotes a community record for the host and its affiliates, provides access to the industry-leading EHR to a broad range of organizations, supports regulatory compliance and enhances patient experience

Pivot Point can help

We’ve earned the confidence of hundreds of healthcare organizations and are recognized as a KLAS-ranked leader for our Epic® Community Connect services due to our expertise in planning, deploying and optimizing Epic® EHR. We offer a broad range of Epic® Community Connect services — from turnkey Connect programs to specialized resources and advisory services.

Advisory Services

We architect and deliver strategic solutions.

Implementation Services

We augment and accelerate technology initiatives.

Optimization Services

We help you achieve the highest levels of software performance.

Talent Solutions

We find trusted, qualified resources to complement your team and grow your business.

Managed Services

We free you up from the day to day maintenance of IT and EHR operations so you can focus on strategic initiatives.

Experienced resources. Extraordinary results.

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