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Centricity, IDX Flowcast Consulting

Pivot Point Consulting has experienced and knowledgeable consultants focused in Centricity® and IDX Flowcast®. Our experts specialized in: Centricity Business™ 3.0 & 4.0 (IDX Flowcast), Centricity Group Management™ (IDX GroupCast), Centricity Practice™ and Centricity EMR™.

Centricity, IDX Flowcast Consulting that gets it right the first time

Our Centricity® consulting practice offers solutions and team members that will help you meet your goals of continuity and system quality. We can offer assistance in the following key areas:

Advisory Services

Our advisory team understands the challenges of modern healthcare and has the experience and expertise to design and deliver strategic solutions. 

Implementation Services

Are you implementing a new Centricity product? Rolling your systems to new facilities? Our team of experienced consultants can accelerate these projects and ensure a successful transformation. Every time.

Optimization Services

Get the most out of your GE Centricity systems by partnering with Pivot Point. Our Centricity EHR experts will come with industry best practices to tailor your system to optimize your financial performance and patient care. 

Managed Services

Maintaining your technology and EHR systems can be challenging and costly. Our managed services provide a scalable solution to managing your IT operations and reduce overall costs. 

Talent Solutions

We provide trusted, qualified resources to complement your team and grow your business.

Our Experts specialize in:

  • Centricity Business 3.0 & 4.0 (IDX Flowcast)
  • Centricity Group Management (IDX GroupCast)
  • Centricity Practice
  • Centricity EMR

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the most of out of my Centricity systems? ​
Many healthcare organizations have been using their Centricity systems for several years. As these organizations grow and expand their services, they often need to update these systems to support these changes. Pivot Point can optimize your current system to level up your organization's use of Centricity.
Is GE Centricity right for my organization? ​
Healthcare organizations must address many considerations when selecting a technology solution, including strategic goals, product functionality that complements its scope of services, and implementation and maintenance costs. Our Strategy Services Team can provide you with a proven methodology for system selection and implementation roadmap.
I need help supporting my Centricity systems.​
After implementing a Centricity, healthcare organizations face several challenges with maintaining their applications, such as managing content updates, regulatory changes, system upgrades, Tier-1 and Teir-2 support, and optimization requests. IT support teams often become stretched too thin. Pivot Point’s cost-effective Managed Services offerings can free up your maintenance tasks so you can focus on strategic initiatives.
My organization is implementing GE Centricity. What do I need to plan for?
Implementing an EHR can be a large undertaking. Special care should be taken to designing a system that meets your needs. An easy-to-use interface with well-defined workflows is key to a successful transformation. But system design is just one component of an EHR implementation. Healthcare organizations will need to develop plans for user training, integration, data conversion and archiving, hardware upgrades and ongoing maintenance.
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Why should my practice choose Pivot Point Consulting? ​
With our extensive expertise in EHR platforms, we are well-versed in the ins and outs of the Centricity platform. When you choose us to be your partner, you can count on us to be there beside you every step of the way. Whether you already have this system implemented in your practice or you’re planning to implement it in the future, we can be there to support you. Our capabilities include training your staff to use the software, as well as helping you optimize it so you can derive the maximum benefits from it. We have an exemplary track record of success when it comes to helping organizations such as yours realize the full potential of their technology.
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