Staff Augmentation

With any clinical or revenue cycle implementation, your staff’s expertise and knowledge is essential for success. However, they must remain dedicated to their full-time positions to ensure operations remain on course and efficient.  That’s where Pivot Point Consulting can help.  We partner with your organization and staff to manage, lead, analyze, implement, train and support your informatics solution while remaining cost-effective.  Our experience allows us to work with you hand-in-hand throughout your implementation with either individual consultants or an entire team.

Project Management and Leadership

Strong project management and application/team leadership is critical to an implementation’s success, outcomes, timeliness and cost effectiveness.  Our consultants are skilled in management, planning, budgeting, and building team morale for projects.   Our team consists of experienced executive-level IT leaders, program and project directors, senior project managers, team leads, training leads and testing leads.  We will partner with your organization to deliver an implementation that is beyond your expectations and yields success for your timeline, budget, personnel and industry reputation.

Implementation and Support

An experienced and knowledgeable core team to implement and support a technical solution is imperative to your project’s success.  We have a team of implementation and support consultants with extensive knowledge in various and multiple implementations, healthcare informatics, and both clinical and revenue cycle-related operations.  Our consultants will deliver solutions for your system design and configuration, system integration, operational workflows and support of your end-users.


Designing, configuring, and implementing a new healthcare informatics system is a feat in itself; however, it cannot be meaningful or useful without qualified and knowledgeable trainers to teach and educate your end-users.  We have significant experience with formal/classroom education, elbow-to-elbow support, leadership and planning and more.  Our team consists of principal, certified and credentialed trainers who will provide logistical planning and management, curriculum development, education, and support.