With any clinical or revenue cycle implementation, your staff’s expertise and knowledge is essential for success. However, they must remain dedicated to their full-time positions to ensure operations remain on course and efficient.  That’s where Pivot Point Consulting can help.  We partner with your organization and staff to manage, lead, analyze, implement, train and support your informatics solution while remaining cost-effective.  Our experience allows us to work with you hand-in-hand throughout your implementation with either individual consultants or an entire team.

Order Set Design and Management

A major component of patient care delivery occurs during the process of writing orders. Computerized order entry and management can present collections of predefined orders to the user during the ordering process. These order sets are useful for promoting standards of care and provides the structured clinical knowledge to be used by Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) management systems at the point of care.

Pivot Point Consulting provides customizable order set templates that reduce time and effort. Our consultants work hand-in-hand with our clients to expedite the process of customizing order set templates, soliciting and incorporating feedback and maintaining organization-wide order sets. Our approach supports the reduction of errors, improves quality, and reduces healthcare process variability.

Pre-Implementation Planning

Pre-implementation planning addresses key issues with governance, and alignment of operations and technology, to ensure desired business results. This approach is supported by a full suite of tools focused on the key elements of project success — governance, project management, process redesign, quality management and metrics development. Our approach is designed to provide the critical link between your organization’s key business goals and objectives and the designed processes to maximize our client’s results.  By identifying and making key design decisions at the beginning of a project, Pivot Point Consulting can help you reduce potentially costly delays in implementation and increase the probability that your vision for a successful implementation is realized. To support these steps, we provide significant intellectual capital to your organization.  It can be categorized as: methodology, content, tools and training.

Business Analytics

Business analytics is the practice of analyzing historical data from different sources and perspectives, and summarizing the data into useful knowledge — knowledge that can be used to increase and improve quality, clinical outcomes, patient safety and reduce costs.   The most forward thinking healthcare organizations are starting to leverage these enormous quantities of data in ways that are changing how healthcare is provided.

Successful data mining and business analytics solutions substantially improve an organization’s awareness of opportunities to drive change.  Justifying an analytics project can be challenging and often the results cannot be anticipated.  While most business analytics solutions share a similar approach, tools, and methods, each analytics initiative has its own requirements and challenges that are unique to a particular set of data and unique to specific business needs.  Pivot Point supports our client’s analytics projects with services that include: predictive analysis, conversion and migration, report writing and data mining.

Benefits Realization

EMR implementations often promise significant and measurable benefits. Large system implementations are frequently treated as technical solutions, isolated from the businesses within which they will operate and the benefits they should deliver.

Pivot Point can help your organization realize the benefits of your IT limitations projects by: defining the benefits, linking the benefits to the business strategy and case, identifying the right data and methodology to measure results, assigning ownership and accountability for realizing benefits, defining tracking processes, tracking and reporting benefits realized and resolving issues and constraints to benefit realization.

We can assist your organization develop a detailed Benefit Management Plan, perform benefit reviews and realize the expected benefits.  Our approach covers the core elements of any major IT change program: technical systems build, process re-engineering and business preparation. We tackle this at a very practical level, enabling people to think, plan and operate in a way that is focused on benefits rather than the solution. This also includes a robust governance process geared to delivering the business case through a detailed benefits realization plan.

Readiness Assessment

When addressing the topic of change within an organization, leadership needs to start the process on the right foot. Many change initiatives fail due to poor planning and lack of a clear vision.  An initial readiness assessment will help identify where the organization is now and what potential obstacles might impact the technology transformation. Pivot Point’s Readiness Assessment identifies the degree to which the change initiative is understood by both the leadership and stakeholders. The goal is to ensure that all key players have a clear view of what the change is and what the success criteria are.  We begin with an audit of the current state and a stakeholder’s analysis, and later in the project we craft the key organizational messages, communication strategy and implementation plan.