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What Are the Trends You’re Seeing in Your Health IT Market Trends Report?

As the healthcare IT industry has expanded over the last few years, some intriguing trends have come to light. John Lynn from Healthcare Scene asked Pivot Point’s Ben Weber specifically about ‘optimism’ and ‘innovation’—two words that indicate a positive outlook for health IT professionals. Ben took some time to explain why in the interview below. […]

Consultants as Business Partners: Sending the Right Message

Author: Christopher J. Wentland In the complex world of health IT, consultants play a pivotal role as allies and business partners for healthcare organizations. As providers work to weave enabling technologies into the fabric of care delivery, collaborating with the right HIT subject matter experts could make or break progress. Ever-growing onus is on healthcare […]

A Conversation About the Quality Payment Program and Value-Based Care

Roberta Mullin of HealthcareNOW Radio made her rounds at the HIMSS17 exhibition hall, interviewing thought leaders on the hot topics of this year’s conference. One of those interviews was conducted with Pivot Point’s own Jon Melling, Partner, Strategic and Advisory Services. In this podcast, Jon provides insight on the movement from fee-for-service to value-based care. […]

Protecting PHI: Managing HIPAA Risk with Outside Consultants

  Author: Jon Melling, FHIMSS The rising complexity of healthcare, particularly as it relates to providers’ growing technical needs, is increasingly prompting healthcare organizations to seek the help of outside consultants. In engagements with healthcare entities, thought IT consultants try to minimize interaction with patient data, they often have access to protected health information (PHI). […]

Consultants as Business Partners

Author: Christopher J. Wentland Consultant engagements have proliferated amid the rising tide of IT complexity in healthcare. For many providers struggling to simultaneously keep pace with the demands of patient care, an evolving technical infrastructure and new quality-based payment programs, consultant partnerships offer a proverbial life raft in a sea of competing priorities. As consultants, […]

Thanksgiving Greetings

May this Thanksgiving holiday give you many reasons to be thankful. Looking back, we are incredibly grateful for the accomplishments our team has achieved this year, including being ranked in the top ten of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work in Healthcare and being named one of Consulting Magazine’s Fastest Growing Firms for a second […]

Partnering Up for the Journey to Value-Based Reimbursement

  Amid MACRA, value-based care, bundled payments and alternative payment models, healthcare CFOs are receiving a consistent, powerful message. Your iceberg is melting! The quantity to quality transformation is forcing dramatic change for traditional revenue cycle processes, cost accounting approaches and payer contracting strategies. All must evolve to meet new value-based demands. Simply improving financial […]

Using Epic to Maximize Your Population Health Management Initiatives

Over the past few years, Population Health Management has become a key buzz term in healthcare and is rapidly gaining importance in a health care organization’s upcoming fiscal year initiatives.  Whether it’s through Accountable Care Organization (ACO) or Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) models, population health management centers around identifying key patient populations and using […]

Deriving the Best Value of Self-Service Kiosks in Healthcare

From banking to shopping to airports, self-service kiosks are a way of life for consumers. Today’s air passengers have eagerly embraced interactive kiosks to speed up the boarding pass process and avoid long lines at the airport.  Self-service kiosks are becoming increasingly familiar fixtures in hospital, health system and physician practice reception areas. Over the […]

Lessons Learned from EHR Integration of Medical Devices

Human lives depend on how well a healthcare organization manages its EHR integration of medical devices. As the assigned project manager spearheading numerous large health system enterprise-wise medical device integration programs for over a decade, I’ve learned an essential lesson about EHR integration of medical devices. Data captured from thousands of heart monitors, ventilators, balloon […]

Ransomware Best Practices: Beating Cybercriminals at their Own Game

  Author: Frank Siepmann, Senior Cybersecurity Advisor An international study reports nearly 40 percent of businesses experienced a ransomware attack in the last year. A recent U.S. government interagency report indicates that, on average, nearly 4,000 daily ransomware attacks have occurred since early 2016, representing a 300 percent increase over the 1,000 daily ransomware attacks […]

Advisory Spotlight: Frank Siepmann, Cybersecurity Advisor

Frank Siepmann, Senior Cybersecurity Advisor, provides strategic consulting support in the areas of planning, implementing and leading enterprise-wide cybersecurity programs. He has more than 20 years of progressive experience in the cybersecurity industry holding senior leadership positions at Fortune 100 companies. In 2013, Auerbach Publications published his book titled “Managing Risk and Security in Outsourcing […]

Device Integration with Epic: Two Critical Elements that Might Surprise You

Author: Kathy Inkley, EPIC Project Manager, Pivot Point Consulting As a Pivot Point consultant, my current role is project manager for Honor Health for the Device Integration Program with the organization’s Epic system. I’ve been involved with Device Integration for nine years, and it’s been one of the most rewarding challenges of my life. Vital […]

Jon Melling’s Interview about Future of Revenue Cycle Management

At the HIMSS 2016 Conference in Las Vegas, John Lynn, Founder and CEO of, interviewed Jon Melling about the future of revenue cycle management, and specifically how technology will impact business processes. This blog is part one of their time together. John Lynn – Your expertise is in technology, and applying it to improve […]

Lesson Plans: Classroom v. eLearning

Author: Chris Cooley, Training Advisor Ah, the great debate: classroom vs. online. We have seen a huge movement toward computer-based training in every industry thanks to its cost effectiveness and ease of delivery and tracking. Despite those benefits, however, we still need to ask if it’s the best way to train, and how much, or even, […]

PenTest Magazine features Pivot Point Consulting’s Frank Siepmann

Penetration Testing in Cloud Environments – A Systematic Approach – PenTest Magazine Frank Siepmann, consultant at Pivot Point Consulting, was recently featured in PenTest Magazine on the use of cloud environments in todays’ organizations and how it has become systematic, creating new challenges for pen-testers. In addition to the infrastructure hosting the application in scope, there is […]

Jon Melling in Becker’s Hospital CFO on Chargemasters, Population Health and Value-Based Billing

Value-based reimbursement is driving significant change in revenue cycle processes, procedures, workflows, and technology. Pivot Point’s Jon Melling pieces together important first steps for hospital finance executives in his recent interview with Becker’s Hospital CFO. Read his complete predictions for value-based billing.  Link to Article.  

Better Project Management Makes a Better Hiring Manager

Project management is an essential element in almost any job environment – engineering, IT, media, etc. – but none more so than hiring management. With today’s hiring managers expected to review an increasing amount of candidates, prospect for new business clients and manage contract negotiations for hires, better project management translates to a stronger output […]

Analytics Driven Population Health, The Time Is Now

The United States is experiencing significant shifts in the way healthcare is accessed and delivered. These changes are disrupting traditional approaches to collecting, analyzing and using health data. Ensuring quality health and care provision for an entire community is no easy task, and it is clear that reliance on electronic medical records (EMRs) that are […]

Strategies for Insurers (and Members) to Win in the Fixed Market

With the new federal and state exchanges now active, there is an unprecedented opportunity for insurance plans to gain market share.  Segments of the population that have never traditionally had insurance, as well as those already in individual and family plans, are migrating to the new nationally standardized plans.   In April 2014, 7.1 million […]

Should Clinicians be Software Developers?

Wait… am I a software developer now? When healthcare organizations decide to implement an electronic medical record (EMR), I am unsure if leadership truly understands that they are adopting a vastly different core competency than patient care, which is Software Development.  Software Development Life Cycle, or SDLC, is a framework that employs several different models used […]

EHR Optimization – Finding a Balance (Featuring Dr. Dwight Eichelberger)

“The work of the organization is providing health care, not populating an EHR. It is imperative that IT staff understand the clinical scenarios they are supporting – not to simply re-create, or “pave the cowpath,” but rather to understand the end game – what clinicians are actually trying to accomplish.”   –Dr. Dwight Eichelberger, MD, Medical Director […]

Using Epic to Maximize Your Population Health Management Initiatives

Over the past few years, Population Health Management has become a key buzz term in healthcare and is rapidly gaining importance in a health care organization’s upcoming fiscal year initiatives.  Whether it’s through Accountable Care Organization (ACO) or Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) models, population health management centers around identifying key patient populations and using […]

Smartphone Apps and the Healthcare Setting

The smartphone is very prevalent today in healthcare. Why? Because clinicians, especially physicians, are much more comfortable with their smartphones than computers. Smartphones are obviously mobile and portable in nature, and they are much more accessible than the computers that are in their offices or homes. Business Insider author, John Heggestuen, reported in December 2013 […]

OpenNotes Initiative: How Transparency is Leading to Consumerism in Healthcare

Having worked in healthcare for over 25 years, I am not only very aware of healthcare developments but am most supportive when they improve patient care and awareness. I have a strong belief that our technology in the healthcare and information technology fields should serve the patient as well as the healthcare providers.  One development […]

ICD-10 Deadline – Update

Although, the suspense will continue because the vote on H.R.4302 still needs to be sent to the Senate by March 31, 2014. H.R.4302 is, “To amend the Social Security Act to extend Medicare payments to physicians and other provisions of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and for other purposes.” Section 212 of H.R.4302 includes language […]

Consultants: Are You Doing a Disservice to Your Client Partner by Saying “Yes” to Everything?

As a consultant and a leader who expects perfection of myself, as well as wants everyone around me to be happy, I tend to say “Yes!” or “Sure thing!” or “No problem!” to every request for my time and input.  I also tend to suggest new ideas and creative solutions that aren’t asked of me, because […]

How to Be Sure Your Definition of “ICD-10 Compliant” Lines Up with Your IT Vendors’

In the healthcare industry, we’re quickly approaching the homestretch for making our Information Technology compliant with ICD-10 standards.  One of the most important questions to ask yourself is: “Are we on the same page as our IT vendor(s) in terms of the definition of “ICD-10 Compliant?” Compliance doesn’t always equate to usability within your organization, […]

Fraud and Abuse Risks with Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the United States of America released a report on January 8, 2014 detailing findings from their study to determine if the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) contractors have adopted mechanisms to identify and address certain EHR vulnerabilities. The EHR vulnerabilities, at the heart of the study, […]

ICD-10 Can Be Predicted

Bill Spooner’s comments in today’s CHIME SmartBrief reminded me that ICD-10 can be predicted. While we may not be able to forecast every issue or outcome, we know the date of the impact, the primary areas of impact, and many of the tools that should be in our toolkit. Depending on how far along you are […]

5 Tips to Start ICD-10

If you haven’t begun to address ICD-10 at your organization, it’s time to start conversations and devise a plan. Although I expect to continue seeing chatter about further ICD-10 delays, I believe we’ve reached critical mass with organizations supporting October 1, 2014 as the unmovable implementation date. Most recently on July 11, 2013, both the […]

Pivot Point Ranks #3 by KLAS

KLAS ranked Pivot Point #3 for Implementation Support and Staffing in 2015.

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